Directorate of Cultural and Social Affairs

The activities of the Directorate of Cultural and Social Affairs of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives involve pursuing an innovative funding policy and supporting sustainable social projects. Active throughout all of Switzerland, it realises projects of national relevance, cooperates with partners and awards study prizes and prizes of encouragement as well as financial contributions.

The broadly diversified portfolio also includes its own institutions such as the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst and the Arc in Romainmôtier. The Directorate of Cultural and Social Affairs promotes up-and-coming young artists through talent competitions.

The Directorate of Cultural and Social Affairs is organised in the following divisions:

  • Performing Arts and Literature
  • Financial Contributions
  • Fine Arts
  • Music
  • Pop and New media
  • Social Affairs

Performing Arts and Literature

The Performing Arts and Literature division works actively for the promotion and dissemination of innovative productions in the fields of dance, theatre, cabaret and literature. The premier flagship event in the area of dance is the international bienniale, the
Migros Culture Percentage Dance Festival Steps.

Premio, the competition for aspiring young theatre and dance practitioners, and “Im Hochhaus”, the theatre for cabaret productions on the fourth floor of the Migros Tower on Limmatplatz in Zurich, exemplify the engagement in theatre and cabaret.

Head: Christoph Haering

Financial Contributions

Alongside film promotion, the awarding of financial contributions, study prizes and prizes of encouragement is an important part of the funding policy of the Directorate of Cultural and Social Affairs. The Directorate of Cultural and Social Affairs directly supports creative artists with these financial contributions.

The talent competitions in the areas of physical theatre, vocal music, instrumental music, chamber music, dramatic arts and dance promote the professional training and development of young artists.

As part of its promotion of young talent, the Migros Culture Percentage not only supports gifted musicians by awarding financial contributions and providing performance opportunities, it also organises a chamber music competition for promising chamber music ensembles. For further information see Arranging Concerts.

Within the scope of its film promotion, the Directorate of Cultural and Social Affairs supports the creation of Swiss films – from idea to screen.

Head: Nadine Adler a.i.

Fine Arts

Founded in 1996, the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst is a byword for the exhibition and collection of international contemporary art as well as art education. It holds temporary solo and group exhibitions, also showing works from its own collection, over two floors. The internationally renowned museum sees itself as a dynamic venue for contemporary artistic activity. This is supported by an extensive programme of art education activities and related events.

Head: Heike Munder


The Music division of the Directorate of Cultural and Social Affairs of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives works actively to promote music and make it widely accessible. The most important engagement in classical music is the Migros-Culture-Percentage-Classics. The successful concert tours bring a selection of the best Swiss soloists and well-known orchestras, famous conductors and star soloists from all around the world to Switzerland's top concert halls.

Musiques Suisses is the CD label of the Migros Culture Percentage promoting the Swiss music scene in the areas of classical music, new folk music and jazz.

Migros-Culture-Percentage-Jazz presents contemporary Swiss musicians in a double concert with world-famous jazz greats in various Swiss cities.

Head: Mischa Damev

Pop and New Media

New media are shaping the lives, work and leisure not only of the younger generations. Using them requires new skills and opens up a wide range of communication and lifestyle options. The impact that this media shift has on art and culture is being explored by the Pop and New Media division through its Digital Brainstorming event series.

At the media and robotics competition, children and young people can demonstrate their creative use of new media.

New forms, ideas and trends are also the theme of m4music: the pop music festival is an important occasion that brings the Swiss pop scene together each spring.

Head: Dominik Landwehr

Social Affairs

With its projects, financial contributions, collaboration projects and other engagements, the Social Affairs division makes a valuable contribution to social cohesion in Switzerland. It offers models and solutions for social challenges, raises seminal issues and plugs gaps wherever there are pressing social needs.

For further information, please click here.

Head: Ramona Giarraputo


The Directorate of Cultural and Social Affairs is organised in various divisions. Those responsible for the individual divisions are listed below.

Heads: Hedy Graber
Head of Communication: Barbara Salm
Head of Administration: Pamela Spörri
Head of Arc: Sally De Kunst

Performing Arts and Literature
Head: Christoph Haering
Literature: Yeboaa Ofosu
Dance: Isabelle Spirig / Doris Schellenberg-Maranta
Theatre: Mathias Bremgartner
Cabaret: Béatrice Schmidt

Financial Contributions
Head: Nadine Adler a.i.
Film and Film Promotion: Nadine Adler / Michaela Weybora
Talent Development: Carole Meier / Linda Schürmann / Urs Küenzi

Fine Arts
Director of Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst: Heike Munder
Head of Administration: Catherine Reymond
Curator: Raphael Gygax
Collection Curator: Nadja Schneider Willen
Head of Press and Public Relations: René Müller
Head of Education and Public Programmes: Alena Nawrotzki
Head of Technical Services Exhibitions: Monika Schori

Head: Mischa Damev
Migros-Culture-Percentage-Classics: Sabina Escana / Mirko Vaiz
Migros-Culture-Percentage-Jazz: Mirko Vaiz
Musiques Suisses: Claudio Danuser

Pop and New Media
Head: Dominik Landwehr
Pop: Philipp Schnyder
New Media: Michel Schibler a.i.
Cultural Office Zurich: Roger Aeberhard

Social Affairs
Head: Ramona Giarraputo
Work and Society: Cornelia Hürzeler
Generations: Jessica Schnelle
Health: Robert Sempach
Migration/Integration: Luzia Kurmann


Federation of Migros Cooperatives
Directorate of Cultural and Social Affairs
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