1948 – The first Clubhouse Concerts

In June 1947, Migros opens its Clubhouse for adult education classes in a large mansion on Zurich’s General-Guisan-Quai. In March the following year, Duttweiler suggests organising music events in the Clubhouse.

The 24 September 1948 issue of the Brückenbauer magazine finally announces the first cycle of concerts entitled “Great artists play eternal music”. Very soon, the “Clubhouse Concerts” became a staple part of Migros’s cultural offering, subsequently embarking on a first tour in 1949.

Even now, 60 years on from that first Clubhouse Concert, the series is still going strong under the new name of Migros-Culture-Percentage-Classics – and remains true to the original idea of 1948: “great orchestras, playing under the baton of renowned conductors, with famous soloists”.

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