The Migros kids' family album 23.8.13

On the 125th anniversary of the birth of Gottlieb Duttweiler, Migros is making parts of its archive available online. The archive is treasure trove full of surprises and personal recollections, for the history of the “orange giant” touches almost everyone in Switzerland.

Giving something back to society 23.8.13

15 August 2013 marked the 125th anniversary of the birth of Migros founder Gottlieb Duttweiler. “Dutti” not only wrote business history and helped shape Switzerland as a politician, but also created an institution that is unique across the world – the Migros Culture Percentage .

«Without music, my life wouldn't be worth living» 21.3.13

Cheap software is replacing expensive hardware, a gigantic music archive is taking over the role of record stores and mainstream music is increasingly crowding out real musical gems. Digitalisation has fundamentally changed the way we consume music. We asked a record collector and a digital native what the digital age means to them.

Today’s Musicians Need Contortionistic Skills 21.3.13

Music is in higher demand than ever, but it is increasingly difficult to make money with music. Musicians are most heavily impacted by this development. Just making music simply is not sufficient anymore. Insights into a business that turns people who create music into salespeople, PR experts, record label managers – and contortionists.

Thinking with both hands and feet 20.3.13

The «Robots on Tour» exhibition in Zurich, supported by Migros Culture Percentage, was a rendezvous of the elite from the world of robotics. The star of the many artificial humans was Roboy, a robot developed by the Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence of the University of Zurich.

How much is enough? 5.3.13

We never had it this good. But still, only few people seem to be actually content. “Too much of everything, not enough of anything” is the central theme of the third issue of “sharing knowledge”, Migros Cultural Percentage’s event series on social topics. At the start of this month’s focus topic, Migros Cultural Percentage TV wanted to know what people think about luxury, greed or economic growth.

Machiavelli and the U.S. elections 20.2.13

Exactly 500 years ago, Niccolò Machiavelli published «The Prince», a masterpiece that established his infamous reputation. In the third edition of Migros Culture Percentage's «sharing knowledge» series, Renaissance expert Stephen Greenblatt illustrates how relevant Machiavelli's ideas still are today. In his presentation, the Pulitzer Prize winner casts a Machiavellian view of the U.S. elections; a slightly abridged version will be published by the Migros Culture Percentage magazine.

Are humans just plain greedy?

«Too much of everything, not enough of anything»: for two days at GDI Gottlied Duttweiler Institute in Rüschlikon, prominent thinkers and artists debated the economy's compulsion to grow and the insatiability of the individual.

«Clips are more important than ever» 14.1.13

MTV was yesterday. These days, anyone wanting to watch music clips will visit YouTube. And the number of people doing so is considerable – the video clip scene has rarely been more alive. That's why Migros Culture Percentage has decided to get involved in this area as well, with its brand-new award for «Best Swiss Video Clip».

Cinematic tests of courage 9.1.13

Three projects have made it to the final stage of the Migros Culture Percentage Swiss Documentary Film Competition. The competition, which is being held for the third time, seeks to promote engaged Swiss cinema. The choice is between the visions of three courageous film makers.

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