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Lionel Andrey
‘My professional goal is to be working in orchestras as well as chamber music ensembles in the Swiss and international music scene.’
Simon Baumann
Since completing his media art studies at the Hochschule der Künste Bern (2005), Simon has been working as an independent film-maker and is co-owner of ton und bild GmbH.
Alexander Cyr Bezuijen
"I am interested in music in general, informatics, sports, nature, arts, body functions and discovering new avenues of life. I would like to reach the maximum of human being capacity."
Patrick Bruppacher
‘I would love to be part of a great company soon, where I can continue to develop my technical skills and present them on stage.’
Domi Chansorn
«I am currently (stand 11.05.2012) working on my second record, which will be considerably more adult, musical and experimental. It will include many great features.»
David Colombini
David Colombini is a 25-year-old Swiss designer based in Lausanne, passionate about photography, architecture, and new media.
Marie Couturier
‘I have always wanted to be a dancer – it has been my dream for a long time. I have always been interested in ballet, later I discovered contemporary and modern dance and its new, different kind of movement.’
Flurin Cuonz
«What fascinates me is the immense range of possibilities for approaching a piece of music and going into its depths. Through this, the term perfection suddenly has many layers and it becomes clear that every performance is just a snapshot.»
Sophia Dinkel
‘I am far from being done with my education. I think I will finish my bachelor's degree first. At the same time, I want to participate in other projects to gain different experiences and find out where my interests lie.’
Chiara Enderle
‘I love to perform as a soloist with orchestras as well as interesting, inspiring chamber music groups. It's my dream to develop this passion into a career. I also enjoy teaching, and would like gain experience in this field.’
Luc Gut
«I want to discover new, innovative audiovisual fields and opportunities.»
Jenna Hasse
‘It's important to me to share my experience as a young actress. Traveling, performing, creating. I'd love to work with my peers as well as with experienced artists. I continue to develop my own projects, as a director and as an actress.’
Simon Jaquemet
Simon Jaquemet's debut feature film ‘Chrieg’ (War) premiered at the film festival San Sebastiàn, and won the jury prize at the Marrakech Film Festival and the Max Ophüls Award 2015.
Pedro Lehmann
«As we are already planning our first album, I want to concentrate on writing new songs in the near future. Later on, I would like to be able to live from music, to be able to perform in many concerts and to go on tour.»
Joel Philippe von Lerber
‘I'd like to establish the harp as a solo instrument and show how versatile it is — the harp can provide more than soft background music. In the future I'd like to play in an orchestra and as a solo musician, as well as in various chamber music ensembles.’
Sarah Lerch
«For me, theatre is not only an art form but also a place of encounters. Theatre offers a space for exchange and imagination.»
Vladyslava Luchenko
«At the age of three, I already knew I wanted a violin and consciously chose this instrument. I have followed my dream ever since: to become a great musician. To me, this means mastering my instrument to the point that music becomes a natural inner language – a language that everyone can understand.
Edouard Mätzener
‘When performing, I try to find a way to connect with my audience, regardless of their ages and backgrounds, and to stay curious.’
“Moonshaped is a live band and its concept is ‘party’. Through performances at numerous open-air festivals and various clubs, the formation is already well-known locally.”
Magdalena Neuhaus
«I've wanted to be an actress for as long as I can remember. I want to be in the theatre because it fascinates me to see how a new world is created during the play. As an actress I form part of this world. I can wrench the audience out of their everyday lives and let them forget about everything.»
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