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Lionel Andrey
‘My professional goal is to be working in orchestras as well as chamber music ensembles in the Swiss and international music scene.’
Domi Chansorn
«I am currently (stand 11.05.2012) working on my second record, which will be considerably more adult, musical and experimental. It will include many great features.»
Flurin Cuonz
«What fascinates me is the immense range of possibilities for approaching a piece of music and going into its depths. Through this, the term perfection suddenly has many layers and it becomes clear that every performance is just a snapshot.»
Chiara Enderle
‘I love to perform as a soloist with orchestras as well as interesting, inspiring chamber music groups. It's my dream to develop this passion into a career. I also enjoy teaching, and would like gain experience in this field.’
Pedro Lehmann
«As we are already planning our first album, I want to concentrate on writing new songs in the near future. Later on, I would like to be able to live from music, to be able to perform in many concerts and to go on tour.»
Joel Philippe von Lerber
‘I'd like to establish the harp as a solo instrument and show how versatile it is — the harp can provide more than soft background music. In the future I'd like to play in an orchestra and as a solo musician, as well as in various chamber music ensembles.’
Vladyslava Luchenko
«At the age of three, I already knew I wanted a violin and consciously chose this instrument. I have followed my dream ever since: to become a great musician. To me, this means mastering my instrument to the point that music becomes a natural inner language – a language that everyone can understand.
Edouard Mätzener
‘When performing, I try to find a way to connect with my audience, regardless of their ages and backgrounds, and to stay curious.’
“Moonshaped is a live band and its concept is ‘party’. Through performances at numerous open-air festivals and various clubs, the formation is already well-known locally.”
François-Xavier Poizat
Franco-suisse né en 1989, et formé à l’école russe, François-Xavier Poizat débute sa carrière à 12 ans lorsqu’il joue au Japon pour le «Pacific Music Festival».
Belenus Quartett
«We would like to take part in more international string quartet competitions.»
Laura Schmid
‘Whenever I step into a concert hall, be it on stage or as a spectator, I am under the spell of its special atmosphere.’
Milan Siljanov
‘Starting my Master of Opera Studies at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London is the first step towards my dream job — to be an opera singer.’
Anton Spronk
‘First of all, I want to successfully complete my degree in Zurich, and possibly continue my studies in another city such as Berlin. My aim is to develop my skills and my potential as a soloist as much as possible.’
Anna Tuena
‘New music, théâtre musical, improvisation and working with different artists are what matters most to me.’
Marina Viotti
‘It's my dream to make a living with singing. I would love to perform in operas because of the amazing feeling of closing my eyes as Marina, and opening them—make-up done, in a wig and costume—as an entirely different person.’